If tasted blind, and told the vintage, the question ‘Is this from Burgundy, the Rhône or Beaujolais?’ would cause some furrowed brows. One answer (Beaujolais) would attract no one with knowledge of the other two regions. It’s a medium-to full-bodied wine, and Pommard, with its dark fruits and intimidating tannins on entry to the mouth would be an answer many might be attracted to. But the majority would seek refuge in the mid to north Rhône (unless it came from Guigal).

There’s a mix of spicy/savoury dark fruits, the texture admirable. It’s all about maximum enjoyment, right now at its peak. It brings back memories of ’28 Fleurie (in the late ’70s) purchased at Christie’s, and ’47 Moulin a Vent of Dr Barolet, which caused havoc at a Monday Table Options game until we all recognised it in a flash.

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