If I was asked what is the best value white wine in the world Dr Loosen’s Mosel Valley Riesling(s) would be my immediate choice. (The red wine correlative would be Guigal’s Cotes du Rhone.) It is sheer serendipity that the alcohol of the Loosen is only 7.5%, making it ideal for your BYO Asian restaurants, with cuisines multiplying all the time.

But right now, I’m drinking the last small glass from a 750ml bottle I opened four days ago (drinking half that night, and simply leaving the screwcapped bottle for a pre-dinner glass on each of the following nights) – not planned, and lazily taking no precautions to protect it, just in the fridge on a cold setting.

The yin and yang of distilled lime juice which is at once sweet and crushed rock acid, each taking turns to dominate in the compass of a single mouthful. It flaunts its charms so brilliantly, even a single glass leaves the flavours indelibly printed on your taste buds, yet leaves the mouth as fresh as a sunlit spring morning, tiny birds singing a serenade. Just for the record, 2011 was a cracker vintage, and will deal with the next 10 years with the same ease as the 10 just past.

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