“One-third of Australia’s wineries could go under because of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s that serious.”

The Cellardoor Challenge was launched to help promote and support our wineries when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. 

Australian winery’s hospitality, tourism and export revenues have been severely affected. Although you may have seen that wine sales increased, most of the sales are of big wine company’s wines through the large retail chains. 

So, we wanted to give winery’s biggest fans, (us!) an opportunity to help by sharing our stories and talking about the wines we love and our great winery experiences. What better way to encourage wine lovers to visit and buy wine direct from wineries and help keep them in business.

Join the Cellardoor Challenge now. It’s easy to join in, tell us about a wine you’re enjoying or a winery you’ve visited, then post your video or photo on our social media pages.


Did you know?

>  In Australia there are 2468 wineries, across 65 wine growing regions (Wine Australia, March, 2020)

>  Over 80% (2000 wineries) produce less than 5000 cases and their direct to cellar door sales account for more than half their revenue (Wine Australia, March, 2020).

>  Many wineries rely on direct sales for up to 80% of their sales. (Wines of West Australia CEO Larry Jorgensen 30 March, 2020)

>  Big wineries grabbed 70% of COVID sales. (Nielsen, reported by Wine Industry Insight, 15 May, 2020)

>  The Australian wine industry employs 163,790 full and part-time employees, contributing over $45 billion annually to the Australian economy.

>  Australia exports 62% of all wine produced here to 119 nations and 24,319 products exported.

>  18.6 million glasses of Australian wine is enjoyed overseas each day.

>  “One-third of Australia’s wineries could go under because of the coronavirus pandemic, that’s anything up to 700 or 800 businesses, it’s that serious.” Tony Battaglene, CEO, Australian Grape & Wine (17 April, 2020)

* Stats and info from Wine Australia, March 2020 and Winetitles.

A special thanks to our partners for helping make the Cellardoor Challenge a reality.


The Junovate Team

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