Talk to Juno

Talking to Juno is easy

1. What you need

You’ll need a Google Home device, or the Google Assistant on your compatible Android or iOS device (e.g. iphone/ipad) and an internet connection.

2. Say “Talk to James Halliday Top 100.”

Make sure the Google Assistant is setup on your device (see our FAQ’s for more information).

Simply say, “Okay Google, Talk to James Halliday Top 100” on Google Home.

If you’re using the Assistant app on your phone or tablet, type or say “Talk to James Halliday Top 100.”

3. Ask Juno your questions about the Top 100

Start asking questions for wine recommendations based on the information from the Top 100 including price, varietal, points, state or wine region. We have a few ideas for you here. When you’re finished, just say “Bye” or “Exit“.

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Juno makes it easy to explore James’ Top 100.


Juno, James’ virtual wine assistant, has been trained to answer your questions about the Top 100 wines by price, points, varietal, state and region. Sorry she doesn’t include food pairing matches!

She’ll even read out James’ tasting note.


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Questions you can ask Juno:


What's the best red wine under $30?


Do you have a chardonnay from the Yarra Valley?


What's the top-rated Shiraz under $30?


Is there a good sparkling from Tasmania under $50?


Can you recommend a good Riesling under $50?

50 more questions you can ask Juno

Talk to Juno now

Juno can be accessed for free on your smartphone using the Google Assistant app. Install the app and say “Talk to James Halliday Top 100”.

Juno is available on any Google Home device. No need to install anything! Just say “Ok Google, Talk to James Halliday Top 100” to get started.

Accessing Juno

To get started, you’ll need to have the Google Assistant working on your phone or smart device.

Download the Google Assistant from the app store now.

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