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We’re encouraging wine lovers to visit and buy direct from our wineries.

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For Wine lovers

It’s easy to join in. Tell us about a wine you’re enjoying or your winery experience while visiting and challenge 3 friends to do the same. Then post your video or photo challenge to one or both of our social media on Facebook or Instagram.

To make the biggest impact, please tag the friend that nominated you, the winery, the 3 people you’re challenging and us.

For Wineries

Encourage your members (and staff) to join the challenge and tell us about your wines. What better way is there to promote your wines and encourage wine lovers to try (and buy) them!

Promote your tastings, events and special offers by sending them to us and we’d include them in our weekly updates (and social media sites).


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The Cellardoor Challenge enables us to ‘virtually’ share the wines we’re drinking with our friends.

Our Story

The Cellardoor Challenge was launched to help promote and support our wineries during the Coronavirus outbreak. Although you may have seen that wine sales have increased, Australia’s wineries are still struggling, their hospitality, tourism and export revenues are now literally non-existent. Some wineries may not survive.

So, we wanted to give winery’s biggest fans, (us!) an opportunity to help by sharing our stories and talking about the wines we love. What better way to encourage wine lovers to buy wine direct from wineries and help keep them in business. Our mission is to promote over 500 wineries and 1000 wines in 180 days (with your help).

Join the Cellardoor Challenge now. It’s easy to join in, tell us about your favourite wine or about the wine you’re having with dinner and challenge 3 friends to do the same. Then post your video or photo on our social media pages.

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