Social Winery Directory Guidelines

1. About Social Winery Directory

The Social Winery Directory showcases Australian wineries and wines that have been featured by the Cellardoor Challenge wine community.

The directory exclusively includes wineries that have a community post associated with the winery. These posts have been curated and sourced from the Cellardoor Challenge’s Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn pages (unless another source has been acknowledged).

2. What are community posts?

The Cellardoor Challenges posts and comments give wine consumers the opportunity to share their good experiences of wineries and their wines. We also hope they encourage other wine consumers to visit and buy from the wineries we promote.

A community post is one person’s experience with the winery or their wine (photograph and/or video). A comment is a response to the post. It is assumed that posts and comments are truthful, objective and helpful to other members of the community.

If you have not directly tagged the Cellardoor Challenge in your post we will contact you before reposting to ask for permission.

3. Are community posts moderated?

All posts are reviewed by the Cellardoor Challenge team before being reposted or published to try to ensure nothing offensive, defamatory or derogatory is published and we only publish positive posts.

Wherever possible the Cellardoor Challenge team tags the wineries mentioned in the posts to enable them to view and respond to the posts if they want to. We also acknowledge or tag in photographers and other stakeholders being credited in posts (so please include a link to their details where possible).

Posts from the Cellardoor Challenge are updated in the Social Winery Directory section on a weekly basis (as we’re a small team and there’s not enough hours in the day).

We will publish, reject or remove any post or comment at our discretion. All posts including videos and photos and comments submitted to the Cellardoor Challenge maybe reproduced, including any part of a post or comment for publication or broadcast in marketing material, newsletters, on social networking sites, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio or online.

If you would like to discuss a post or we have made a mistake please contact us directly on

4. Post / tag guidelines

We’ll reject a post or tag if it contains swear words, is offensive or derogatory, it’s defamatory, offensive. We also try to curate the number of posts. Our team’s decision is final and once a decision has been made no further correspondence will be entered into.

5. Inappropriate posts or comments

If you see a post or comment that you think is inappropriate or unfair please contact us via email immediately and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Please email –

6. How do wineries get involved or send us feedback?

Please encourage your winery’s club members, staff or winemaker to join in and tell us about your wines and winery and tag us in your post.

We’re also happy to try to promote your tastings, events and special offers if we can so please send them to us at Also please sign up to our newsletter on the website / go to

If you’d like to update your winery’s details also please email us at



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